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venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Alexa Top 500 Global Sites - Digg

Alexa Top 500 Global Sites - Digg

Healthy outdoor life, helps the well-being. You have to live without many constraints. Only it is not possible to put together the circumstances of a stressful life. Today it is too soon to race ...... you get up you have to run for not finding too much traffic ... You have to run when you go to breakfast. You run because you're on deadline for payment of bills. You have to run to fetch the child at school. Soma in modern life is all about race. It was very different for the inhabitants of the villages of Sardinia.
Where life flowed without stress ....... for the tranquility of the population with which they take their way of life. This rate is still not lost, proving to be in good health ........getting a healthy life and longevity .......... hello george

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