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giovedì 5 luglio 2012

Life "Nuragic"

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Life "Nuragic"

Since the days of "nuraghi" (cyclopean buildings constructed tower), the man in Sardinia. Fed on venison, because not yet bred pets. His favorites were the consumption big horn sheep commonly called "wild sheep" or the goat. Sardinia in those days was full of game: partridges, hares, rabbits, deer, mountain goats .......Feeding was not a big problem. Armed with bows and arrows were not to stray farto get food. Their arrows made ​​from wild olive shoots hardened by the method of approaching the arrow already finished, the flame that it multiplied its strength, making it last longer over time. At their ends were stuck with skills in wood a bit of well-crafted "obsidian" (hard volcanic rock that manages to cut glass like a diamond) So you had not built on fear that the animal was not
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