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sabato 5 maggio 2012

benessere: www.orroli-longevo.itPietanze in uso nel periodo ...
Dishes to use during the period nuragic Sardinia. A soup with herbs:
Wild leek soup with the addition of cottage cheese or yogurt or sheep capra.Cucinata mostly the day after a heavy meal. You takethe lard or bacon fat, half the parsley, onion, wild leek.
Everything is fried with high heat, then add water to cook the meal ofmillet (Later, wheat flour, pasta or homemade): when it is finishedcooking, take the cheese and add to the soup , is still spinning a bitwhen it is still on fire. you pull down then left to rest must be served......... Good Apetito
Recipe handed down from father to son (Contus de forredda)
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