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domenica 6 maggio 2012

Manca l'uomo giusto

Manca l'uomo giusto.....Sun 6th May 2012 - In search of the just man
In times like the euros missing from the door money. La lack of work, the euros goaway and never return. But if you find work you can expect to return.
If you fail, then the right man, the prince that every woman dreams of having. And' then a sadness. But I think that now exists only in old books. One who was in "four" for his ideal woman. They fought doggedly to defend, to protect her from any bad weather (It was the hero) just to have her incolumit. Now the fairer sex feel the la ckof these men who fight for them. It is the lack of Dreams, "is missing the right man".... hello soon george
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